Meistersinger at the ROH Covent Garden

“I should add that since William Spaulding has taken over the ROH Chorus they seem to have improved significantly and they were superb on both nights.”
from “operalively”

The Royal Opera announced the appointment of William Spaulding as Chorus Director of the Royal Opera Chorus.


“A main reason for the resurgence (of the Deutsche Oper Berlin) is the in-house chorus, led by American conductor William Spaulding: for three of the past four years, it has been selected as German-speaking Europe’s best by Opernwelt magazin” / Max Woods / May 2013

“The all-male chorus, far from a small role in this opera, was also excellent, with a quality of blend and diction which so many opera choruses fail to achieve.”

GBOpera / Gioacchino Rossini / Tancredi / Berlin / January and February 2012

The Chorus of the Deutsche Oper Berlinunder William Spaulding’s superb direction, again showed that three recent “Chorus of the Year” honors were no accident. Ensemble, dynamic contrast, good language and and outstanding tenor section distinguished tonight’s performance.